Tourist and food and wine itineraries

Here are some ideas among the many possible combinations

Cilento Tour: Between Nature and Ancient Flavors

Cilento Tour: Between Nature and Ancient Flavors

An itinerary among the natural wonders and good food, to discover the flavors of the past.

Tour in the footsteps of the Mediterranean Diet

An itinerant journey in the land of the centenarians.

Thanks to a “slow” lifestyle and a balanced diet based on Mediterranean products, Cilento has become an example all over the world.

Tours, Excursions and day trips to discover the most authentic Campania.

Multi-day food and wine itineraries. Combined experiences of visits, nature and food and wine.

The best solutions to stay in contact with nature in full CampaniaTipica style

We were born, raised and still live in this area.

For this reason we can boast of knowing how to choose and recommend the best itineraries and places to visit.

Unique and unforgettable itineraries that lead you to discover Campania.

A land of a thousand faces only partially advertised.

Everyone can say they know Campania, but few can say they understand it. To live it.

An immense territory, rich in history, nature and traditions, popular culture and modernity.

A land made up of many contrasts that make it unique and inimitable.

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