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Salerno Incoming Tour & Stay

Salerno Incoming Tour & Stay is a company that since 2006 deals with experiential tourism and tourist hospitality in the entire province of Salerno.

In fact, for several years he has been involved in the tourist promotion of the territory through carefully selected experiences with the aim of discovering the most authentic aspects of Campania.

Based in Salerno, a strong local identity was desired from the outset, offering immersive experiences for Italian and foreign tourists.

Nature trails, boat cruises, Vietrese ceramic workshops on the Amalfi Coast.

Balloon flights, cycle tourism and food and wine itineraries Parco Nazionale del Cilento.

These are just some of the experiences that will help you discover the most authentic Campania.

Immersive experiences within the territory to discover the most characteristic places in Campania.

Food and wine activities at the manufacturing companies, handicraft and local cuisine workshops

Tutte le proposte firmate Salerno Incoming sono state accuratamente scelte per la qualità dei servizi e per l’identità territoriale.

Accompagnati dagli esperti Salerno Incoming, vivrete esperienze adatte a tutti, passeggiarete tra i borghi pittoreschi a picco sul mare e villaggi rurali abbandonati.

Visiterete infatti aziende locali degustando i loro prodotti o botteghe artigiane dove sarete voi stessi impegnati a creare, modellare, cucinare, decorare.

Provare per credere.


Tours, Excursions and day trips to discover the most authentic Campania.

Multi-day food and wine itineraries. Combined experiences of visits, nature and food and wine.

The best solutions to stay in contact with nature in full CampaniaTipica style

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We believe that the best way to discover the excellence of Campania is to experience them in person, savor them and touch them with your hand, and dedicate your free time with activities outside the monotony of your daily life is a goal that should never be underestimated.

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