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Natural Honey and Artisan Jams

If a good day starts in the morning, we at Campania Tipica know how to give the right value to your days. Choose the excellences for your breakfast. Read more

Top quality italian delicatessen

Bring Campania excellences to the table. For your taste and your well-being, savor the Campania Tipica food products and enrich your pantry. Read more

Italian Wines

Excellence of Campania to drink, ideal to accompany typical Campania gastronomic products and to an evening in the company of friends. Read more

Who is Campania Tipica?

We at Campania Tipica choose for you the best local products, the Campania excellences and bring them to your home in less than 48h Scopri di Più

The Campania Tipica experts constantly check typical products, local crafts and wines from Campania, select them for you and include them among the Campania excellences, ready to buy and to be shipped to your home.

Furthermore, thanks to our partner Salerno Incoming Tour and Stay, you can come and visit us and get to know Campania and our producers in person through unforgettable experiences, food and wine tours and crafts and tastings. Find out more

For this was chosen as the best online shop of Typical Products and Wines of Campania.

We care about nature for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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