Neapolitan Nativity Craft Shepherds – Classic Figures


Neapolitan Artisan Nativity Shepherds
Madonna, San Giuseppe, Bambinello, Ox, Donkey, Magi, Angels
Kreativi Artisan Laboratory

Shepherds of the Neapolitan Crib in Clay, made and hand painted.

NOTES: Being manufactured objects, all the figures are unique and different from each other, therefore the images are to be considered for illustrative purposes.
Depending on the size chosen, the details may be more? or less defined.?

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Shepherds of the Neapolitan Artisan Nativity
Madonna, San Giuseppe, Bambinello, Ox, Donkey, Magi, Angels
Handcrafted Nativity Shepherds – Kreativi Artisan Workshop

The Shepherds of the nativity scene, or nativity scene, are born from the figurative artistic representation of the nativity? of Jesus? Christ.

It is a very ancient practice, which began with simple stylized drawings and then evolved, over the centuries, to a real artistic expression.

The Nativity Shepherds are used throughout the Christian world, mainly during the Christmas period, and take on the different shades of the place of origin.

In Italy, especially in Campania, there is the custom of erecting nativity scenes in homes and churches, from the most? simple nativity scene? (composed of the Madonna, San Giuseppe, the Bambinello Ges?, the Ox and the Donkey) to real landscapes depicting the entire village with many shepherds representing different scenes of daily life.

Traditionally, the baby is added to the midnight shot on December 25, while the three Magi are included in the landscape on January 6.

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