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How Campania Tipica was born

Campania Tipica was born from the will of two entrepreneurs from Salerno, with a different background but with the same passion for their land.

Ed è proprio grazie alle loro diverse origini professionali che il mix di esperienze si amalgama alla perfezione. 

Who we are

Roberto was born in Salerno in 1973 and began his hotel studies, a sector where he began his first work experiences before moving to Bologna to start a new business in the field of organization of shows.

After 21 years of activity sustaining frenetic rhythms he decides to move to Cilento, the homeland of the family where he still lives.

The contact with nature, the tranquility of the small villages and the authenticity of the food are the stimuli for a new adventure, in 2014 Ama Cilento was born, a cooperative that is passionately dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil and to the promotion and development of the territory.

In 2016 it took over the management of the history Agriturismo Principe di Vallescura, today a point of reference for guests from all over the world, and expands its network of relationships with companies in Cilento. 

Marco, born in the 1980s, was born and lives in Salerno where, after technical and commercial studies, he dedicated himself to the tourism sector as a travel consultant, opening his agency in 2005.

The following year he launched the brand Salerno Incoming Tour and Stay and specializes in incoming tourism, perfecting itineraries, tours and activities over the years as well as tourism promotion and commercial management of accommodation facilities.

Their meeting takes place in February 2017 when Roberto contacts Marco for the marketing of the Principe di Vallescura di Pisciotta farmhouse.

From that moment begins a friendship and a professional partnership in continuous growth.

the Project

In 2020 Marco thinks of a new brand, wider and even more complete, which can combine classic tourism with the discovery of the authenticity of the territory and local traditions, offering users a 360 ° experience.

Roberto embraces this proposal and joins it to his idea of a network of local companies: thus Campania Tipica was born.

Living the territory daily, their strength is to be able to personally select producers who love their land, respect nature and the environment around them, those who follow local traditions and who care about the quality of their products.

In a historical moment in which the whole world is forced to stand still, thanks to a distribution network, points of sale and refreshment points Campania Tipica still manages to make the soul of Campania known.

It is also possible to immerse yourself in the territory through food and wine itineraries, guided tours and activities, visit the companies and personally get to know the producers to taste together the excellence of Campania.

Today the companies united under the Campania Tipica brand are about thirty spread throughout the region and embrace the sectors of non-hotel hospitality, catering, farms, craft workshops, hiking guides.

A cooperation that fosters ideas and a collaboration that is about to be recognized by the Chamber of Commerce as a Business Network.

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